Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fatal MV/Pedestrain Crash - Glenburn

The Maine State Police is investigating a car / pedestrian fatal crash that occurred last evening around 4:20 p.m. in Glenburn.  66 year old Barbara Crossman of Glenburn was struck and killed while she was crossing the Pushaw Road adjacent to the Skidgel Road. 


The vehicle that struck Crossman was a maroon 2005 Suzuki Forenza driven by Stephen Niles 57 years old of Bradford.  Niles was southbound on the Pushaw Road passing the Skidgel Road when he struck Crossman, he told troopers that he did not see Crossman in the roadway and originally thought that he had struck a deer or other animal. 


It appears that Crossman had parked her vehicle at the end of the Skidgel Road and had crossed the Pushaw Road to retrieve mail from a bank of mailboxes that are positioned across from the Skidgel Road.  She was wearing dark clothing; it was also raining and dark resulting in reduced visibility at the time she was struck.  Emergency crews were immediately dispatched to the scene where Crossman was confirmed to be deceased.


An Accident Reconstructionist responded to the scene to assist with the investigation.  The investigation is ongoing and will be submitted to the Penobscot County District Attorney’s Office for evaluation upon completion; this is standard in these types of investigations. 


Trooper Christopher Cookson is the primary investigator assigned to this incident.  This is the only information available at this time.  If anybody has information in relation to this please contact Tr. Christopher Cookson or Lt. Sean Hashey at 207-973-3700.


The Maine State Police was assisted by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, Maine Warden Service as well as the Glenburn Fire Department.