Monday, February 2, 2015

MDOT Plow Truck / TT Crash - I-95 Etna

NEWS RELEASE from the Maine Department of Public Safety
from Spokesman Steve McCausland - 441-6216
The following comes from State Trooper Brenda Coolen ---
The crash was at mile 165 in Etna.  The tractor trailer driven by Rodney P. Rioux , 66, from New Canada, Maine was traveling northbound when he attempted to overtake the state plow truck  driven by Alfred Washburn , 51 ,  from Hartland. Both drivers escaped injury. The tractor trailer struck the Department of Transportation plow truck causing it to spin out of  control. The plow truck went off the road and rolled onto its side. The tractor trailer went off into the median and struck the ledge. The two vehicles will stay there tonight and removal will take place Tuesday.