Monday, February 2, 2015

TT / Multi-Car Crash - Turnpike in York

NEWS RELEASE from the Maine Department of Public Safety
from Spokesman Steve McCausland – 441-6216

State Police say a tractor trailer driver going too fast for conditions caused a crash Monday morning on the turnpike in York.  Troopers said the big rig came up behind two cars that were following a snow plow  and struck both of them.  One car was pushed into the right shoulder of the road and the other was spun around.  A passenger in one of the cars was slightly injured.   The tractor trailer jack-knifed and ended up on the guardrails and median snowbank and blocked two of the three northbound lanes.  The wrecks have now been removed.

The truck driver is 74 year old Theodore Banks from Virginia.  The drivers of the two cars were Thomas Kwok of South Portland and Samuel Farmer from Ormond Beach, FL.